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Friday, February 4, 2011

How to Watch Super Bowl and NFL Games Online

There is a new way to watch Super Bowl replay between the New York Giants and the New England patriots. You can actually record and watch reruns of the Super Bowl game played at Phoenix Cardinals stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Now that I'm back home I was a bit skeptical the software may fail me. I connected my old laptop to the internet at home and tried to watch a rerun of the game. It worked very well. I have a high speed internet connection at home which I some times use to browse the internet, but this time it came in handy watching the past NFL season online game after game.

The pc satellite TV software I use is from a company called 'satellite tv to pc'. The software itself is pc 2007 elite edition.

I had read a lot of online TV software reviews before I settled on the 2007 Elite edition. There were many others out there but their reviews were negative. The PC elite edition seemed to be the only one with positive reviews among the hundreds.

The company has a one time fee of $49 to be able to download the digital software. It's usually available in less than two minutes once you have given your payment details.

Among the special specifications of the software include 3000 online TV channels and over 1000 online radio channels including music stations. The international TV stations all come in over 70 world languages including French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Indian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese among others.

I have since found the elite edition to have some advantages in that, it has better sound and picture quality than most others that I was offered a trial version. The other thing is that it has an easy-to-use toolbar layout and fast connection time.

When I'm not feeling like watching sports channels, I can tune in to hunting online channels, extreme sports, shopping online tv, educational stations among many others. I am yet to browse all the 3000 TV stations.

So if you want to enjoy the same service of online satellite TV like I do, download your own copy Here []

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